Survey of Work Styles

Based on some observations, I have been wondering about a variety of employment-related behaviors, personality characteristics, and styles.  I came up with some questions which I might eventually develop into a survey that I would distribute.  Below are some of the questions which I am considering for inclusion.  Please feel free to respond to this survey and send me the responses by email to  Thank you.

Survey of Work Styles

Please feel free to copy this into a Word document and indicate your responses and re-save before returning.  Of course, any comments about this survey could be made within the environment of this blog.  Thank you.  EDL

General Career/Employer Relationships

How would you define the concept of “professionalism”?

Please describe what you think of as a “career” and as a “job”, and what how you see that interface over the course of your lifetime. 

What is the longest period of time which you can envision yourself being in any single job?

Do you feel that employers in employees and would be committed to them as long as you are performing well and are interested in staying with the organization?

What would be your ideal balance between work and “life”?

Customer Service

How important do you feel that punctuality in-office (arriving on-time and leaving on-time) is for the work day?

Is punctuality and attendance as critical today, given that work and correspondence can often be addressed remotely?

If you are working in a retail environment (walk-in customers) and customers are waiting for service, what would be the maximum amount of time that any customer should have to wait to be served?

If you are working in a professional service environment (non-retail) where communication is primarily by phone or email, what would be the maximum amount of time that any client should have to wait to be addressed?

Communication and Correspondence

What do you think to be a reasonable amount of time to respond to work-related:

  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Land-line Voice Mails or written messages taken by other staff
  • Cell Phone Voice Maills

Please indicate whether you would you check or respond to the above work-related communications outside of work hours (i.e., on evenings, weekends, or on a day off).

Do you feel that it is reasonable or appropriate for an employer to expect that you are accessible by email or cell phone, outside of conventional business hours/while on leave?

Would you address work-related communication on your personal smartphone during times outside of your official work hours?

In your professional-related emails, what are the format/guidelines that you would use for an email you initiate? (e.g., “Subject” line, greeting, level of formality, salutation/closing)

In your professional-related emails, what are the format/guidelines that you would use for an email to which you are replying? (e.g., “Subject” line, greeting, level of formality, salutation/closing)

Please indicate how you approach style, spelling, typos, grammar, and proofreading in your communication that is: (1) [to be] printed; and that is (2) digitally transmitted (emails, texts) .

Is it acceptable for individuals to check or otherwise use a smart phone during a staff meeting or business presentation?

Have you ever checked or otherwise use your smart phone during a staff meeting or business presentation?

Dress and Appearance

Please note that this section is somewhat complex and detailed.

Please describe what you consider to be an appropriate “dress code” in a professional setting (a traditional office environment).  It would be greatly helpful if you could specifically include in your responses:

  • Using the chart below and filling it in using the elements above, please indicate three levels of what you would consider to be “ideal”, “minimally acceptable”, and “unacceptable” in the workplace.  Please come up with separate norms for male and female employees, as appropriate.

In your descriptions, please address:

    • (Visible) Body art and jewelry
    • Hair- Styles, colors. lengths
    • Cosmetics, nail polish, grooming
    • (Women’s) tops/necklines, hemlines
    • Footwear/Hosiery
    • Suit/Sportjacket, pants
    • Tie, button-down shirt/blouse



Minimally acceptable    

How would the above dress code compare with acceptable student attire worn to classes on a college campus?

Information About Yourself

Please provide us with some basic information about yourself.  Once again, all responses will remain anonymous.

Age: ____                           Years of Work Experience: _____            Please describe:

Gender: __ Male              __ Female

Level of Education: 

__ H.S. Diploma

__ Some College

__ College Graduate

__ Some Graduate School

__ Graduate Degree


About Elliot D. Lasson, Ph.D.

Dr. Elliot D. Lasson is a graduate of UMBC with a B.A. in Psychology. He went on to earn his M.A. and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University in Detroit. Elliot has been in the Human Resources field during his entire career as a Consultant, Academic, Recruiter, and HR Director-- in both the private and public sectors. Since 2008, he has served as the Executive Director of Joblink of Maryland, a nonprofit job placement organization in Baltimore. In addition to that core mission, he provides career counseling, professional networking assistance, training, interview preparation, and resume reviews to clients. Dr. Lasson is a Member of SIOP and the Chesapeake HR Association. He also serves on the Governor's Workforce Investment Board in Maryland which recommends policies and programs to Governor O'Malley in an effort to enhance the State's workforce. He has also been an Advisory Board Member for "Of Both Worlds", an organization which helps facilitate entry into the workforce for college graduates. Dr. Lasson and his wife reside in Baltimore, with their three children.
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